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The information below details the minimum exclusion periods for illness and communicable disease under advice from the Kent Health Practitioners Unit.

Please help to prevent the spread of illness by adhering to these exclusion periods. If you are unsure about your child's ailments please contact the Pre-School on 01892 538 666 for advice.

Disease/illnessMinimum exclusion period
Antibiotics prescribed by a doctor First 2 days at home
Temperature Must be off for 24 hours after symptoms have subsided
Vomitting Must be off for 48 hours after symptoms have subsided
Conjunctivitis Kept at home for 2 days; thereafter until eyes are no longer weeping
Diarrhoea 48 hours after symptoms have subsided
Chickenpox Minimum of 7 days or until blisters have scabbed over
Gastroenteritis, food poisoning, salmonellas, e-coli and shigella Until authorised by District Community Physician
Infective hematites 7 days from onset of jaundice
Measles 7 days from appearance of the rash
Meningococcal infection Until recovered from the illness
Mumps Until the swelling has subsided and in no case less than 7 days from onset of illness
Pertussis (whooping cough) 21 days from onset of paroxysmal cough
Poliomyelitis Until declared free from infection by District Community Physician
Rubella (German Measles) 7 days from appearance of the rash
Scarlet fever and streptococcal infection of the throat and tonsillitis Until appropriate medical treatment has been given and in no case for less than 5 days from the start of treatment
Tuberculosis Until declared free from infection by the District Community Physician
Impetigo Until the skin is healed
Pediculosis (lice) Until appropriate treatment has been given
Plantar warts(Verrucas) No exclusion. Should be treated and covered
Ring worm of scalp Until cured
Ringworm of body Seldom necessary to exclude provided treatment is being given
Scabies 24 hours after treatment has been given
Hepatitis A 7 days after onset
Fifth Disease (Slapped Cheek) Until clinically well with no fever
* Verrucas are highly contagious and although there is no exclusion, parents should be made aware that if their child has one then they should refrain from any activity that involves bare feet including the use of the sand pit and the school gym.

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