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Tapestry is an online Learning Journal which allows parents and teachers to track their child's progress in a whole range of areas. It covers the statutory EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) assessments as well as various other progress monitoring tools up to and including Key Stage 1.

For many years now Early Years practitioners have been using hard copy versions to keep a record of their children's key achievements. From September 2014 we introduced Tapestry observation software to the pre-school which provides a simple, secure, and highly accessible alternative. 

As a parent of the pre-school you will be able to download the observation software to any electronic device (laptop, android or iphone). You will be given a unique password from the pre-school which will enable you to access your childs profile in a secure manner. Once you have access, you will be able to view, comment on, or post your own observations at home. You will also be emailed once a new observation is logged by your childs key person to give you a unique insight into what they get up to at pre-school!

If you have any questions about how the software works, if you would like to view Tapestry's security policy or you need help in downloading the software please speak to a member of staff.

For more information on Tapestry Software please follow this link:

Tapestry Software